Floor Care Carpet Cleaners

Extreme 15L
Extreme provides the powerful solution to remove stains and heavy soiling from tiles, concrete surfaces, car parks, driveways, garage floors, shopping centres, malls, hotel kitchens and washroom floors plus many other applications. Extreme removes stains that most regular maintenance cleaning products cannot remove. Extreme is not a maintenance cleaner. It should only be used to restore the surface to a like new condition.
Neutral Lemon 5L
Neutral Lemon is a non-alkaline multi-purpose cleaner and is capable of performing a wide variety of cleaning jobs. It is especially suited to the daily maintenance cleaning of polished floors, because it effectively cleans the floor without affecting the polish. Neutral Lemon is safe to use on most washable surfaces, including floors, walls, benches, vinyl, plastic, paintwork, upholstery, windows, mirrors, stainless steel and woodwork. Neutral Lemon contains a vibrant lemon fragrance.
Carpet & Interior Cleaner
Carpet & Interior Cleaner is a foaming carpet and upholstery spot cleaner designed to remove stains that have occurred from dirty footmarks or from spillages of food or drinks. It effectively removes the following stains: grease and oil, soft drinks, coffee, milk, sauces, lipstick, pet stains and more; and is completely safe to use. It can safely be used to clean carpets, upholstery including velour, vinyl and leather, seat belt webbing, mats and plastic trims.
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