Washroom & Janitorial

Soap Dispenser 840mL
Perfect for smaller use situations: doctors, restaurants, office washrooms. Same shape and lines as ClearVu but smaller dimensions. Removable from backplate for easier refilling.
Soap Dispenser 1300mL
Use with most soaps including antibacterial and antiseptic (not pumice). Light pressure push bar excellent for use by young children or the disabled. Water resistant lid so can be used for body soap in showers. Tank removes from hidden backplate which means you can take the tank to drum to refill. 1300 dispenses per filling whcih saves on refill labour. Ideal for use in a large environment.
Foam Soap Dispenser 840mL
For smaller environments with less traffic. All the characteristics of ClearVu but with snap-on lid instead of key release. Approximately 3500 pumps per tank.
Foam Soap Dispenser 1300mL
Produces rich luxurious foma with quality foam soap. Soft-touch push bar, ideal for children and the disabled as it requires minimum pressure. Tank removes from the back-plate for easy refilling. Bulk fill ensures great economy. Compare the cost per hand-wash with cartridge or pouch systems. Approximately 5000 pumps per tank.
Scent Aire Signature 30Day
Features aerosols with metered tips to dispense just the right amount of delightful fragrance of your choice. Scent Aire Signature Fragrances aerosols don’t just mask bad odours, they’re odour counteractants that neutralise strong unpleasant smells and convert them to a beautiful, long lasting fragrance. Digitally programmable so that you can choose start time, spray intervals and day length.
Mountain Air Scent.
Scent Aire Sanitiser System
Easily installed into the toilet or urinal without plumbing. The dispenser discharges into the toilet or urinal, an odour neautraliser that not only leaves a fresh frangrance but also cleans the unit at the same time. The dispenser is fully programmable, has an LCD display and operates on a single AA battery for up to 12 months.
Gala Aerosol
Specially formulated to neutralise odours, rather than mask them. The spray leaves a pleasant fragrance which is long lasting.Simply spray it in the area and wait for the Air Freshener to neutralise any odours.
The sultry sensation of a tropical fragrance permeates and freshens the whole room.
Chrome Toilet Roll Dispenser
Available in single or double roll sizes. Offers roll security- close the hinged lid to secure the roll until the cre is exposed when the unlock spring can be activated. Capacity up to 500 sheet roll. Made from tough 18gg chromed steel.
Single roll size.
Pure Action Wipes Dispenser
Our easy to install and refill wall mounted wipe dispenser is perfect for our Pure Action 800 sheet rolls of pre-moistened Pure Action wipes. A lockable translucent black cover allows you to see when you are low or out of wipes.
Microfibre Cloth
Made of a combination of polyester and polyamide. Excellent for deep cleaning and scrubbing with just water or use dry. Microfibre properties trap and remove dirt particles, lint-free so can be used to clean mirrors, counter tops or any other hard surface. Machine washable.
Rub Out Microfibre Sponge
Microfibre Sponge removes marks from scrubbable surfaces with minimal moisture. Gentle rub with no chemicals needed. Crayon, soot, pen, pencil, grease, whie board markers and much more can be easily removed.
General Purpose Trigger Sprayer
Deliver 50% more liquid per stroke - 1.4ml. Comes with a no-leak cap. Available in your choice of Red or Blue. Ergonomic 3-finger grip. 250mm (10 inch) tube.
Gala Lobby Dust Pan
Colour coded in red, blue, green, yellow and black. Custom moulded to give the largest pan capacity. Less unload trips which saves you time. Enhanced angled lip ensures cleaner pick-up. Reinforced yoke at bottom of handle strengthens a common breakage point. Innovative, strengthened and enlarged feet at back of pan underside counters wear from dragging pan on floor. Ergonomic L-Handle reduces the strain of carrying. Independent, replaceable broom clips easily replaced if damaged.
Swing Top Tidies
Available in a choice of three sizes.
These 23 litre bins are made of tough, commercial quality plastic which resists cracking. The weight attached to the lid ensures positive and precise closing. Top with lid can be removed easily to clean and to replace bags. Supplied complete with Binch bag holder.
Gala Tilt Cart 450L
Pedal controlled tip device makes tipping effortless. The bin is hinged at the front. Depress the pedal, the bin is released for easy tipping. Drop the bin back into its catch and wheel away on four tough nylon wheels. The 450 litre capacity bin, despite its size, fits through standard doorways. Collect garbage bags, waste, laundry in shopping centres, factories, hotels.
Window Clean Bucket
Complete with four castors for mobility. Saves carrying. 48cm long to take regular sizes of window sqeegees and washers up to 45cm.
Spray Mop
Floor cleaning jobs just got easier. This versatile microfibre floor mop has an onboard moisturising unit that can be filled with cleaning solution or just water if you prefer. No bucket required so it's a faster cleaning action then regualr mop and bucket combinations. Picks up 50% more dirt and dust than regular mops. Comes with a removable and washable microfibre pad. Cleans sealed wood, vinyl, tiles and stone floors.
Nifty Nabber
Available: 45cm, 90cm, 140cm handle
Innovative, multi-purpose tool. Our improved tool is excellent for picking up bottles and debris as well as cleaning urinals and retrieving items out-of-reach. It is the ideal extension to your arm. The Nifty Nabber is made of aluminium and features rubber, overmoulded steel fingers. Powerful claws grip small and odd-shaped objects.
Trigger Nabber 90cm
Focussed on ergonomics very comfortable trigger grip. Ideal for use over long periods. Light to hold with lightweight, durable aluminium shaft. Reduces fatigue. Head can swivel 360. Allows use in hard-to-reach areas and with difficult items. Magnetic tip embedded in the head. Easy pick up of the finest metal objects such as steel needles, paperclips, pins.
Janitors Cart
Designed to carry all a cleaner’s needs on the one cart. The two upper shelves carry disposable refills – airfresh aerosols, soap, chemicals, a maid’s basket. The lower shelf can carry a mop bucket. There are hooks and brackets for sweeping tools, mops, cleaning cloths and safety signs. Includes a garbage bag.
Clean Up Cart
Standard model has easy-opening hood lid, opens both sides, hinged door each side and sturdy aluminium frame. Locks on both doors and both hood lids for security, excellent easy-to-use tool holders for mops, brooms etc., two buckets for cleaning accessories and a pair of caddies under the hood lid. Large black or yellow bag choice. Other models available to suit. For example remove dome, add an additional bag, no shelves or any other profile as required.
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