2 Drum Spill Pallet & Rack
This polyethylene Drum Rack captures keeps your workplace clean and safe.
Drum Rack Containment System
4 Drum System

Sump: 249
UDL: 1361
Height (mm): 1975
Width (mm): 1346
Depth (mm): 1346
Weight (kg): 86
Storage: 4 Drums
Rack Suitable for Small Containers
# 2430

Height (mm): 610
Width (mm): 1213
Depth (mm): 375
Weight (kg): 16
Storage: Shelf
Mobile Dispensing for 250L Drum

Sump: 249
UDL: 272
Height (mm): 686
Width (mm): 813
Depth (mm): 1835
Weight (kg): 54
Storage: 1 Drum
Double Drum Rack

Storage: 2 Drums
Polyethylene Spill Control Funnel
Polyethylene Spill Control Funnel 1
Drum Management System
Drum Management System
Spill Containment Caddy
Poly Racker-Stacker System

Poly-Racker forms the base and the stacker allows multiple rows for storage and dispensing
Load using materials handling equipment
Patented enclosed sump holds 386 litres
Each Poly-Stacker holds 2 x 205 litre drums
Store up to 6 drums using this system
Optional Poly-Shelf easily attaches to Poly-Stacker for safer, simultaneous drum dispensing
Universal Poly Drum Funnel

Splash protection. Fits both closed-head and open-head 205 litre drums and other containers. Exclusive features include patented scalloped design, high side wall and bung fitting holders.
Mini Racker-Stacker System

Ideal for storage and dispensing of small containers with built-in spill protection and enclosed sump. The Mini Racker-Stacker System helps save liquids that are routinely lost furing the dispensing process and helps protect worker safety by keeping the dispensing area clean.
Tarp to Suit Polly-Dolly

Quick, easy way to protect spill pallets and IBCs outdoors
Tarps are made with an elasticised bottom with adjustable straps
UV-inhibitors resist the effect of weathering
Constructed of high density polyethylene fabric
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