Fibreglass Cabinet
This lightweight fibreglass cabinet features a break glass window with latch, or 003 lock to allow access for servicing and access for the fire brigade.

Available to fit 9.0kg extinguisher.
Galv. Metal Extinguisher Cabinet
This cabinet is made from high quality galvanised steel with a red power coated finish. It is fitted with a 003 lock and key located in a 'break glass' to prevent unauthorised access.

Available to fit 2.5kg, 4.5kg and 9.0kg.
HD Plastic Extinguisher Cabinet
Made from high quality UV treated plastic, this cabinet features a sealed door with 2 windows and 2 latches. Fire extinguisher retaining hardware is also available.

Available to fit 4.5kg or 9.0kg.
Plastic Extinguisher Cabinet
This cabinet features a yellow transparent access cover, made from quality plastic to protect your extinguisher from external factors.

Available to fit 4.5kg or 9.0kg.
Clear Vinyl Extinguisher Cabinet
Suitable for 4.5kg and 9.0kg extinguishers.
Window Vinyl Extinguisher Cover
Suitable for 4.5kg and 9.0kg extinguishers.
UV Extinguisher Bag
Bags available in large (390x790mm) and small (310x550mm).
Hose Reel Cabinet Key Lock
Includes 'break glass' window
Hose Reel Cabinet Push Lock
Hose Reel Cabinet
Optional Backing Plate
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