Grade 70 Ergonomic Double Swivel Lever Loadbinder
Lashing Capacity: 2300kg
Lever Loadbinders (Forged) AS/NZS 4344
Grade 70 Ratchet Type Loadbinder
Lashing Capacity: 2300kg-9000kg*
Yellow Painted Finish – to AS/NZS 4344
Grade 70 Safety Release Lever BX600 Type
Lashing Capacity: 3800kg - 6000kg*
The Safety Release Handle makes this Loadbinder less dangerous than other lever style loadbinders on the market today. The loadbinder design allows the user to release the loadbinder tension without any recoil of the handle, typical of over centre style loadbinder. The centre body of the loadbinder independently rotates, free of the handle to release the tension smoothly and easily.
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