Miller Energy Absorbing Lanyards
A variety of shock-absorbing lanyards are available:
-webbing energy absorbing lanyard
-compact webbing energy absorber
-webbing tie back lanyard
-double webbing energy absorbing lanyard
-adjustable webbing lanyard
-stretch energy absorbing lanyard
-KMAX Kevlar energy absorbing lanyard
-Manyard energy absorbing lanyard
Miller Webbing Pole Strap
48mm polyester webbing pole strap with 65mm heavy duty sleeve. Fitted with an adjuster which easily adjusts the working length of the strap. 19mm hooks each end, 1.8mtr length. Certified to AS/NZS 1891.1-2007
Ferno Absorber Lanyards
Product Code: VFM*
Lanyards are designed to be the flexible link between a harness and attachment point providing you with the maximum safety possible. Ferno absorber lanyards are designed to limit the force or shock load sustained in the event of a fall to under 6 kN.
Adjustable Multi-Purpose Lanyards
Product Code: VAI ADJ EA FAL (single) VAI EA ARL2A (twin)
The Adjustable Multi-Purpose Lanyard is simple to inspect, maintain and use, it is ideal for use in a variety of situations including elevated work platforms and general work at height scenarios.
The durable, one piece rope construction in conjunction with a rope grab allows adjustment in length from 60 cm to 200 cm ensuring the safe length at each work area.
Adjustable Rope Line
Product Code: HS-ROPLAN K 3T 15
The adjustable rope line is ideal for roof work and allows flexible work positioning via a steel rope adjuster with Energy Absorber. Supplied with attached screw gate karabiners to secure to anchor point and harness.
Available in 15 m, 20 m, 30 m or 50 m lengths.
Energy Absorber (only)
Product Code: HS-SA10, HS-SA20 and HS-SA30
In the event of a fall, energy absorbers deploy an additional length of webbing that is designed to absorb the force or shock load experienced.
Ferno BB Lanyard
Product Code: VPP
For additional safety, Ferno have produced an Australian Standards approved heavy duty lanyard with a working load limit of 140 kg.
Available in single, single elasticised, twin and twin elasticised, these lanyards can be customised with a variety of hardware options available.
Ferno Hottie Flame Retardant Lanyard
Product Code: VFM-LYS320 KEV
Ferno’s Hottie Lanyard is made entirely from industry leading, flame retardant, fire and cut proof Proban® and Nomex® by Dupont® providing additional safety for welders or hot work applications.
Approved to AS/NZS 1891.1:2007.
Hi-Safe Non Adjustable Lanyard 60cm
Product Code: VFM-LY600R
Hi-Safe Non-Adjustable Lanyards are to be used in situations of total restraint only where there is no risk of a free fall. An understanding of working in restraint is essential for the safe use of these products.
Length 60 cm.
Lanyard Mate
Product Code: VFM-LYS ADJ
The Lanyard Mate is an AS/NZS 1891.1:2007 approved energy absorbing lanyard that is self adjustable from 70 cm to 2 m providing flexible and safe access to the users workplace.
It can be supplied with an array of steel or alloy hardware depending on the individuals needs.
Rope Rat Positioning Strap
Product Code: VPP 90176*
This work positioning lanyard or pole strap serves to provide a hands free situation. Constructed of 11 mm Kernmantle rope with a 'Rope-Rat' adjuster and protective sleeve. The adjuster is comfortable and ergonomic in the hand and offers smooth operation.
The free end of the rope is 'sewn back' to prevent the rope rat from detaching from the rope end. Available in three variations of hardware.
Wire Absorber Lanyard
Product Code: HS-LY80P & HS-LY80P-DA
A single plastic coated, galvanised wire rope with an energy absorber. The wire rope is a suitable alternative to webbing when welding or working with cutting tools.
Available with screw gate karabiner or double action hook at the energy absorber end.
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