Hazchem Spill Kit 240L

Hazchem Spill Kit 240L

SKU: SK-H240

Hazchem Spill Kits contain inert products that will effectively and efficiently absorb hazardous chemical spills, including most acids, coolants, solvents and oils.



  • Poly Pads Hazchem x40
  • Hazsorb 30L) x3
  • Polyproperlene Absorbent Socks – Hazchem – 1.2m x 75mm x4
  • Polyproperlene Absorbent Socks – Hazchem – 3m x 75mm x1
  • Poly Hazchem Pillow 45cm x 45cm x1
  • Pair of Nitrile Gloves x2
  • Clear Safety Glasses x2
  • Contaminated Waste Bags – 450mm x 720mm) x10
  • Dust Pan & Brush x1
  • Spill Kit Sticker x1
  • Spill Kit Instructions x1
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