Workplace Kit
Wall Mounted
Available in Plastic or Metal
Kit content includes first aid for burns, bites & stings, eye injury, CPR, Rescue & Survival and kit essentials
Portable Workplace Kit
Content is the same as WM1
Case dimensions: 420 x 200 x 230mm
Workplace Kit Refill
Complete refill pack for Worplace Kits WM1 and WP1
Metal Cabinet
S #30208
XL #30334
Available in Small or Extra Large
Wall mountable
Powder Coated Steel Finish
ABS Cabinet
M #15179
L #15174
Available in Medium or Large
Ideal For Corrosive Or
Hazardous Environments ABS Plastic cabinets are constructed from ultra-tough, high impact plastic.
National Workplace Kit Wallmount
Designed to comply with the Safe Work Australia First Aid Code of Practice.
Includes all content the same as #101562.
National Workplace Kit Portable
Featuring industrial quality products in robust and practical cases, simply choose the kit style that best suits your workplace needs featuring colour coded components that are boldly identified to help you find first aid solutions fast and easily in an emergency.
Wound Module
Would module available with major or minor first aid relief
Major #101192
Minor #101193
Both ideal for high risk environments.
Sports Kit
If you care for a sporting team you need our Sports First Aid Kit. Ideal for the responsible coach or trainer, this kit contains products appropriate for sports injuries. Case features high visibility reflective markings.
General Boating Kit
Sturdy Polypropylene Plastic Case
Wall Bracket included
Snake Bite Module
For emergency immobolisation for snake bites.
Ideal addition to any outdoor work kit.
Trauma Pack
Provides essential first aid items for bleeding control
A must for high risk work sites
Snake Bite Kit
A snake bite requires prompt treatment. The snake bite kit contains all you require to
administer the latest snake bite first aid techniques. Easy to carry when you are in the bush. Kit contains: 2 crepe bandages, instructions and snake identification sheet and a belt mountable wallet.
Vehicle and Low Risk Kit
R #T33765R
B #T33765B
G #T33765G
Available in red, green or blue
Ideal for Company Vehicles.
4WD Adventures Kit
If adventure is your thing and you want to be prepared in an emergency then the 4WD Adventurers First Aid Kit will suit you. A great soft case has room to include your favourite first aid items.
Travel Kit
The Travel First Aid Kit is the big traveller with a broad compliment of first aid components.
Remote Area Kit
This fold out style kit unfolds to reveal storage compartments for your first aid. Ideal when your off the beaten track and require a kit that is both easily stored and portable. Kit includes fold out work mat and quality first aid products.
Survival Kit
This is a very comprehensive first aid kit ideal for when help is a long way off. A well stocked kit designed for survival. Kit also features unique backpack straps, shoulder straps and reflective markings.
Electrical Trades Kit
This Electrician’s First Aid Kit has been made in accordance to the NSW Guide to Electrical Workers’ Safety Equipment (Trade & Investment Dept), and built to match the
emergency needs of the tradesmen and their team. The robust design soft case is ideal for keeping onboard your work vehicle or for carrying to an emergency situation.
Tradesman's Kit
Our Trademan’s first aid kit provides a robust solution for the tradesman. Generously fitted out with the items you’ll use most often. All products are individually wrapped to ensure a hygienic treatment every time you reach for first aid.
General Purpose Kit
Provides an impressive array of first aid products perfect for home, small workshops or work vehicles.
Caterer's First Aid Kit
Respond quickly to kitchen emergencies.
Burn Module Small
Ideal addition to cold running water.
Burn Module Large
Ideal addition to cold running water.
ABS Wallmount Burn Kit
Kits Are Designed To Assist With A Self Assessed Workplace Rating Of “High Risk” Under The Safe Work Australia First Aid Code Of Practice*
Includes A Large Range Of Content Tailored Specifi cally For
Burns First Aid Kit has been developed for workplaces/sites, which have a higher risk of burn injuries and includes additional items such as hydrogel products, dressings, sheeting and treatments guides, to ensure an immediate response.
Portabe Burn Kit
Includes all content the same as #101568.
First Aid Pouch
This kit comes in a handy pouch case and includes the basic first aid supplies. Handy for every worker on the road or in the field.
Softpack Carry Case
Available in medium or large
600D/PVC Fabric with Heavy duty zippers
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