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Choosing the Right Spill Kit

Legislation in Australia "imposes a general environmental duty on all persons undertaking an activity that may pollute, requiring them to take all reasonable and practical measures to prevent or minimise any resulting environmental harm” (Environment Protection Act 1994, s 25). Any workplace that may encounter spills will need a Spill Kit. OSP have a range of Spill Kits to absorb and control accidental liquid spills. Kits are designed, manufactured and colour-coded for a specific purpose. OSP can assist you in choosing the right Spill Kit for your workplace that is both efficient and cost-effective. 

1. What liquids are you absorbing?

Spill Kits are designed and manufactured for different purposes. It is important to know what substances might need absorbing so you can select the correct kit to effectively respond to spills in your workplace. 

OSP have 4 standard spill kits, each with a specific purpose:

General Purpose: for spills of paints, coolants, hydrocarbons (oil, fuel, grease) and other water based non-hazardous liquids.

Oil & Fuel: for spills of oil and fuels, including petroleum, diesel, cooking oil and solvents - without absorbing water.

Hazchem: for hazardous chemical spills, including most acids, coolants, solvents and oils. Ideal for workshops, factories, laboratories and other workplaces where hazardous chemicals are stored and handled.

Marine: for spills of oil and fuel in water. Kit contains 100% polypropylene products that will only absorb hydrocarbon based liquids.

2. What is the volume of the Spill?

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